What is the Black American Veteran Entrepreneur (B.A.V.E.)?

The Black American Veteran Entrepreneur (B.A.V.E.) is a unique sustainability solution & marketing strategy aimed at combating funding inequity among Black Entrepreneurs of under served & under funded communities.



The purpose of the platform is to serve as an alternative mechanism thru which Black Content Creators share efforts online in exchange for Tips & Memberships for access to premium content as a means to securing funding needed to possibly change their lives or aid in creating new Brand or Business Projects created under the E.M.C. Project hosted by the iMarket Network.



The Black American Veteran Entrepreneur (B.A.V.E.) platform is NOT a charitable operation nor is it ran through a non-profit business model. The platform is designed, administered, & owned by Marvin Cummings, single member owner of The iMarket Network, LLC.

Any revenue generated will be obtained from a percentage obtained from transactions. These funds will then be used to maintain the platform. 



Development of an online resource designed to serve as a solution to combating funding inequity for Black entrepreneurs in underserved & under funded communities.



Become the leading resource aiding in the development of solutions generating new brands & businesses ultimately creating wealth & prosperity for Black entrepreneurs in underserved & under funded communities.


What is an Black American Veteran?

Black American Veterans are individuals of Afro-American descent, heritage, & ancestry. This recognition extends to Black & Afro-American civilians, members of the armed forces to include the reserves & national guard, government officials, and members of public service to include law enforcement.


Black American Veterans

Black American Veterans is an Entrepreneurial Operating System (E.O.S.), a custom-built digital sustainability solution, designed to aid in the development, marketing, and amplification of new brands & businesses created by Black Americans of various skill sets & abilities. 

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