How To

How does the Black American Veteran Entrepreneur (B.A.V.E.) Work?

The Black American Veteran Entrepreneur (B.A.V.E.) membership platform allows Black Creators to share content of efforts in exchange for Tips & Memberships to premium content as a means to changing their lives or becoming brand & business owners.


How to Join

- Click Sign Up button and complete the registration form.
- The new account & page is created.
- Share the page with those most likely to support your efforts.



Post Locked or Unlocked content for your fans:
- Direct Payments.
- Unlocked: Free Subscribers
-- Locked: Paid Monthly Subscribers
-- Receive Tips on single posts.
-- Serves as 2nd possible income stream.
- Direct Messaging
- Gallery
- Goal Planning
- Notifications
- Create Posts showcasing works.
- Paywall to offer Premium content.
- Progressive Web App